No-Cost Multifamily Solar Thermal Systems


No Cost

Multifamily building owners can get their projects done, no-cost, across the state (California).


Evolution handles everything from permitting, to rebate processing, to engineering and construction.

Cut Utility Bills and Increase Property Value

You will see a 40 to 70% percent reduction in your water heating bill on average.


  • Building is within the service territories of SoCal Gas, PG&E, or SDG&E
  • Minimum of 20 apartment units. If less than 20 units, copay may be required
  • Central hot water service only – no water heater in units
  • No past participation in solar thermal incentive programs

Reservation and Installation Process

Contact us and our team will make sure your property is a good fit for the program. If it is, we will schedule a date and time for one of our inspectors to meet you or your on-site property manager. We will discuss and installation hurdles and other issues that may come up.
Energy Modeling
We will input your building’s specific characteristics into energy modeling software to develop an optimal system for your property. After emailing you those details, you can decide whether to move forward with the project.
System Design, Agreements, and Permitting
Next, we will send you an agreement outlining the no-cost system, and our drafters will create construction documents for your approval. Then, as a CSI Thermal registered contractor, we will reserve incentives to fund your project. After you have approved the drawings, we will submit them to the city or county, and secure any necessary permits our authorization. With approved drawings and reserved funding, we are ready to begin construction of your solar thermal system.
After acquiring permits, we will schedule construction with you and your site managers. Generally, construction takes between one and three weeks, depending on system size. We will assist you with posting notice for a half-day water shutoff so that we can plumb the system to your existing hot water system. Our professional crews will work with you to make sure work is completed efficiently and with minimum impact to your tenants. Our office will be in contact with you to overcome any obstacles, and is available to answer any questions you have.
Inspections and Incentive Submission
After finishing construction, we will commission the system, call for a final permit inspection, and prepare the paperwork for incentive submission. All systems installed by Evolution come with a 10-year performance guarantee, and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will also train any maintenance staff on the proper quarterly system maintenance, or will offer you a low cost system maintenance plan.
What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with building owners, whether you own one building or 50, as well as property management companies who have an energy efficiency directive.
What is your turn around time?
It can take less than a week to get your rebate reserved with the CSI thermal program. As of now, we have a two week installation backlog, and installations take between one and three weeks. From reservation to project completion, will be between three and five weeks.
Do you have an affiliate program?
If you know other multifamily building owners who might be interested in the solar thermal program, please contact us.
What about my roof warranty?
We work closely with your roofing warranty provider to make sure that any work done on your roof does not breach your warranty requirements.
How long is the system warranted?
Our manufacturer, California-based SunEarth, Inc., provides a 10-year warranty against performance defects. We warrant the solar thermal system against degradation for 10 years as well. Evolution also provides a 1-year warranty against any other construction defects not otherwise covered by the performance degradation warranties.
Is there a lot of system maintenance?
The solar thermal systems installed by Evolution require very little maintenance. The tank water level should be checked biannually, and topped off if necessary. The panels should also be cleaned biannually to guarantee performance. Evolution will train your maintenance staff on system operation and maintenance, or will provide maintenance services at very low cost to you.

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